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2016 Finishtiming XC Classic

Live Results Click Here

Hosted at Wilmington College

Presented by Buckeye Running Company

ADMISSION for  Fans/Parents $1.00 to benefit Wilmington College CC/Track


The meet will be Saturday Aug 27, 2016. 

Schedule below.
9:00 am -High School Div 1 Girls
9:40 am -High School Div 1 Boys 
10:15 am -High School Div 2/3 Girls
10:55 am -High School Div 2/3 Boys
11:30 am -Middle School Girls
12:00 pm -Middle School Boys


Great Cross Country course with rolling hills and a small creek to cross located on Wilmington College Campus behind the football field (SAME COURSE AS PAST COUPLE YEARS). Parking in the YMCA parking lot and on the street. Awards will be given to top 20 individuals in each race with 1st and 2nd overall Team Picture Plaques.


Entries Must be done online at (Instructions below). All results will be posted on the internet at our website.

Cost: $100 per school (HS or MS) / $150 for Both HS and MS,

(Teams consist of 50 or less athletes. Every 50 is considered a team.)Example: 80 boys on a team is

considered 2 teams, 150 boys and girls is considered 3 teams.

Thank you in advance

The FinishTiming Team and Wilmington College



@ 8:59 PM



Go to - Click Online Entry


If there are multiple races at the meet you are entering. You will just enter them into the race listed and we will separate them on race day. This way you will not have to specify a varsity and reserve team ahead of time. Example: If the meet you are entering is having a varsity and reserve race for high school

then on the entry website there will only be one race listed. Enter all your athletes into this one and then on race day determine your varsity and reserve and run the race. We will then scratch the remaining athletes from the varsity race and they will be in the reserve race.





Type or print all information and mark applicable spaces with an X.



















7th -




Cross Country












Saturday 27th





9:00 am

Wilmington College










FINANCIAL AGREEMENT: The School agrees to pay to the sum of $100 per school or $150 for Both HS and MS dollars ($ ), and the school agrees that this sum shall cover all its claims arising by virtue of this contract, except as provided in Item 1 herein below set forth.

1. If either party herto fails to fulfill its obligation of any part of this contract, the defaulting party shall pay to the other party the sum of $                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  as damages, which said sum  must be accepted by the injured party as complete compensation of any damages it may have suffered, the remainder of the contract shall not be binding on either party, and the breach of said contract shall be reported to the Ohio High School Athletic Association.

2. Postponement cannot result in annulment except by mutual consent.

3. The constitution, bylaws and regulations of the Ohio High School Athletic Association and the Handbook for Officials are a part of this contract

4. This contract shall be returned no later that                August 27, 2016                        







Principal or Designee


Visitor School







Posted: Feb 25, 2013   Last Updated: Aug 26, 2016
2016 Warren County XC Festival **CANCELLED**


Warren County Cross Country Festival

Co-hosted by Warren County CVB, Wilmington College Cross Country and Finishtiming

 The Golf Center at Kings Island

For GPS: 6042 Fairway Dr., Mason, OH. 45040

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Time Schedule

High School Girls 5k                         9:30 a.m.

High School Boys 5k                        10:15 a.m.

College Womens  5k                      11:00 a.m.

College Mens  8k                            Noon

Middle School Girls 2 mile            1:00 p.m.

Middle School Boys 2 mile            1:30 p.m.            

*Both high school and both middle school races could be divided into a small school/big school race if there is enough demand.

Wilmington College hosted the 2014 NCAA Division III National Championship at the golf Center at Kings Island and in 2015 The Big East Cross Country Championship was hosted on the same course.  The course is an outstanding Spectator Course and runs very fast with rolling terrain and great footing for your athletes.

Entry Fees:         High School girls  $100                                              

                            High School boys  $100

                             Middle School girls  $75        

                             Middle School boys $75

                             College Men $100

                             College Women $100

                             Unattached Athletes (College Races Only) $25        

For high schools and middle schools (Teams consist of 50 or less athletes. Every 50 is considered a team.)

Example: 80 boys on a team is considered 2 teams, 150 boys angirls is considered 3 teams.

You may pay in cash or check; make check payable to Wilmington College Cross Country.

There will be a parking charge of $5 per car for spectators.

Entries:  Entries for high school and middle school races will be available at and the registration for the College races will be available at (Search Warren County Cross Country Festival or Wilmington College to add to your schedule on DA).  Entries for both races are due by Wednesday, October 5th at 10pm.

Athletic Training:  There will be certified athletic trainers and student trainers on hand to assist with injuries and emergencies.  We will also have a life squad and EMTs at the finish.

Restrooms:  The restrooms at the Lindner Family Tennis Center will be available to Spectators and participants.  The locker room facilities will not be available for showers after the race. 

Timing:  The Finishtiming crew will be on hand to chip time all races.  The plans are to have splits at 2 different points on the course and there will be a scoreboard at the finish line.  There will also be LIVE results available if you have a Smartphone.

Awards:  In each race the top teams will receive a plaque and the top 25 in each race will receive water bottles.

T-Shirts:  Event specific t-shirts will be sold on site.  We will have t-shirts, hoodies etc. available.  Prices vary. 

Concessions:    Concessions will be available and KONA Ice will have a truck on site selling items.

Course maps:  Will be available on the cross country page at and  We will have those available in the coming weeks.  The 8k course for College men will be the same course that was used for the 2014 NCAA III National Championship and the 2015 Big East Championship.  The 5k course for high school and the college women will be the course used in those championship races but the final loop will turn early across the 1st fairway to head back to the finish.   The Middle school course will also utilize the NCAA Championship course.

Questions:  Please contact Ron Combs (Meet director) at 937-218-3220 or by email at

If you would like to compete at the Warren County Cross country Festival-Please RSVP by sending Wilmington College Head Cross Country coach RON COMBS an email at
Posted: Aug 08, 2016   Last Updated: Aug 22, 2016
2016 XC Running Race totals

Below is a breakdown of what we have seen as of 08/27 in 2016 for CC.

Year Meets Races  Total Runners Girls MS Girls HS Boys MS Boys HS Women College Men College
2016 4 24 3782 404 1345 484 1549 0 0
2015 61 318 48967 7061 14008 7877 16774 1629 1661
2014 59 293 43629 5478 11981 7087 13626 2720 2737
2013 42 219 33379 3679 10481 4069 12595 1240 1315
Posted: Aug 31, 2013   Last Updated: Aug 23, 2016
2016 XC Dayton District has been moved
The Dayton XC District which was held at Miami Valley CTC has been moved for 2016.  It will now be held at Cedarville University.  For those of you wanting to see the course ahead of time Cedarville has a meet "The Friendship Invitational" on Saturday Sept. 17th.  More information will eventually be posted at our website  To help us prepare for the increase in teams, interested teams should contact Paul Orchard at
Posted: Mar 28, 2016   Last Updated: Mar 28, 2016
Milesplit Questions

Coaches, Athletes, Parents, and Fans

This is to explain why our results are not formatted to Milesplits site.  First of all Finishtiming is not associated with Milesplit.  It is not our responsibility to provide results to them for their use.  They are a pay site and have people pay them to see their rankings and they use (steal) results from timers.  They figure putting our logo on the results is enough compensation for our work and then if we do not they tell all the coaches and parents to call and email us to ask why (thinking this will make us give them what they want). 

We used to provide them with our results as a courtesy until we started getting calls and coaches coming to us (at the meet) saying our results were not right.  They were already posted to milesplit before we were even done with the meet. 

We have sponsors also that need to have traffic driven to them, so if everyone was going straight to milesplit then we were missing those people.  We worked a deal with milesplit that they were to hold results for 48 hours and we would provide them with all results.  They were told as soon as a result was posted before the 48 hour period it was over.  It took approximately 1 week for them to break this agreement.  We spent a lot of money to make our live results system work the way it does and it is a very easy system to use with mobile device or computer and is very fast.  All meets that use our online entry system and use hytek to score their meet can see a complete rankings list at .  Our rankings site is free and coaches can add their athletes times even if they were not timed by us, by simply logging in and entering a leader entry. 

We are a business and we have tried to add more and more experiences to the meets to make them more exciting for the fans and athletes alike.  We have more items available to you than most do and have always added these things without raising prices for 15 years.  We have started to get sponsors to help with our rising costs and if we give our results to another company this defeats our sponsorship.


Mike Chatfield

Finishtiming (Owner)

Posted: Apr 27, 2016   Last Updated: Aug 08, 2016
Help Wanted!!!
Finishtiming is looking to expand our reach into other areas of racing.and handle more races in the future. We are looking for someone that enjoys track and field and racing and has a flexible schedule.  We are busy during track season pretty much every night but the rest of the seasons we are just weekends if any.  If you are interested please contact Mike by email 
Posted: Jun 12, 2014   Last Updated: Jan 10, 2016
Online Registration System
Coaches the registration system we used last year is the same for this year but we have erased all accounts.  The athletes are still there just your account is gone.  We had too many coaches signing up with thewrong team.  There is now a question for you as to which team you are coach for (HS or MS).  Make sure you look for your school in the list before trying to add one.  Most every school in the OHSAA directory is listed.  
If you are a fan or parent or athlete there is no need for you to create an account so please do not do so.
Posted: Apr 09, 2015   Last Updated: Jan 10, 2016
Real-Time Web Scoreboard

Happy to announce we are now using a Live Web scoreboard for all of our meets.  This allows anyone to open the web page on their web enabled phone or device and see a running clock and also the live results as you would see on a scoreboard on site.  This will be showing what ever event is currently active at a meet.  Follow the Live Results links on each meet page to get you to the Real Time Scoreboard.

Posted: Jan 25, 2015   Last Updated: Jan 10, 2016
Trident RFID Timing System Distributor

We are pleased to announce that Finishtiming will now be 1 of 3 USA distributors of the New Trident RFID Timing Systems.  All of our current Cross Country meet and Road Races will be seeing the new equipment.

A link to the announcement is HERE

Posted: Jul 01, 2015   Last Updated: Jan 10, 2016
VS Athletics
VS Athletics 
Sales Rep
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